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miercuri, 27 iulie 2011


‘A Dozen Roses’ is a new line of perfume that was exclusively designed for Neiman Marcus. According to The Dieline, each scent featured in the ‘A Dozen Roses’ collection is meant to represent “the emotions that only a rose can evoke.”

Is a luxury collection of eau de parfums created from a passion for roses, art and pure perfumery. Each fragrance is a totally modern interpretation of the rose, complex and resonant, created to surround the pure rose absolut at its core. Each a unique signature scent a woman can make her own.

Gold Rush Eau de Parfum

A rush of ecstasy. Sexy, rich, wild.

A Dozen Roses Gold Rush is an intoxicating combination of blackberry, neroli and ylang ylang layered with the richness of bittersweet chocolate and ebony woods, all wrapped with the aura of the gold rush rose and A Dozen Roses signature rose absolut.

Shakespeare In Love Eau de Parfum

A pure lasting romance. Warm, wonderful, memorable.

A Dozen Roses Shakespeare in Love hugs you with jasmine, gardenia and fresh pear that blend to creamy woods and vanilla. At the heart a beautiful blush rose and A Dozen Roses signature rose absolut.

Iced White Eau de Parfum

A bright, white flash. Icy, edgy, effervescent.

A Dozen Roses Iced White is a brisk mix of white on white; white peony, white primrose and osmanthus that cools down with vanilla, white musk and at the center a fresh white rose and A Dozen Roses' signature rose absolut.

Original artwork, showcased on the front and back of each fragrance bottle, pays homage to the beauty of the rose and the scent within. Works of art unto themselves, A Dozen Roses fragrances are truly collectible.

Each scent is bottled in a unique way. The bottles used in this collection are absolutely beautiful and embrace vintage glamour qualities. The bottles are one-of-a-kind, making them a collector’s item. Each bottle features a colorful image of a flower, rose or faded design. The flowers have been painted on and appear worn, which contributes to the overall classic feel of the ‘A Dozen Roses’ collection.

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