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luni, 16 mai 2011

The sun is up!

The sun is up and the sun was shinning! This weekend I've decided to visit my hometown. After almost a year, I've rediscover the beauty and the silence of this little town from the south-west of Romania.

Today I'm gonna present you my little sister. This end of the week was a patient one with a lot of sun, joy and a lot of ice cream. The sun was burning and all the girls have decided to show the summer look : skirts, sunny dresses, t shirts and of course sunglasses.

She's my little and spoiled sister, Mihaela. :D I'm just joking :))) As you all know all the little ones have something special always and all the people are around them. She makes some craziest things sometimes and she is not like me. We are so different.

This weekend I was very impressed by her; she likes very much the casual looks with jeans and t shirts , but she has chosen a dress this time. A very beautiful dress, full of colors that look great an her.

A very simple dress, accessorized with a belt and the perfect pair of sandals have created the perfect look for a sunny day. Sun, ice cream and a good company where the things that have made my end of the week more relaxing.

I hope that you've had a great weekend too!

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