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marți, 10 mai 2011

Silent Statement with Painted Faces

Magazines may not come with soundtracks, but this editorial by Solve Sundsbo for Numero Magazine would certainly be accompanied by silence.

The poised pictures have an irresistible theatrical quality that’s created through the feminine mime makeup and the playful charade ensembles. The bewitching model flaunts full puffed sleeves with thick striped bands of black and white. Tiny dark shorts, tall shoes and adorable red ringlets match her emotionally expressive eye makeup.

Rich maroon lips and bright peach blush sets off the pale palette of the subject’s face. No two pairs of peepers are the same in different images, revealing thick black eyeliner forming styles, squiggles and hearts to help you guess the girl’s inner thoughts. These spreads by Solve Sundsbo for Numero strike a dramatic note for the viewer, yet its success is in the way it simultaneously reveals and conceals access to the subject.

This sensual pantomime pictorials sugest a lot off feeling and thougts if you are lookimg at them carefully. Even silence may be an answer sometimes, you have to know what and where to pay attention.

See you soon, my friends, and don't forget smile,love and enjoy life more then ever, like today is your last day on Earth!

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