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sâmbătă, 13 noiembrie 2010

Wake UP moment

Lately, life was just about job related stuff, so I forgot how it feels to be relaxed. I was caught in daily routine and even I was trying to do something different, I had no feeling of real joy.

I thought that nobody will notice my bad period, but it seems that I have not escaped from the watchful eyes of my friends.

So...the conclusion is that I have to WAKE UP to my real attitude and taste the joy off life, even that means to get a flower, a smile or a night out with the girls, a hug and big kiss from my favorite men from Earth.

Even the others are trying to bring you back in the best mood, you have to make the great step, everything it's depending on you.

I will let everything behind and start enjoying life how I was doing until now, because time is flying so quick,my friends!

It's so easy to try to see the happy face of life, you have to follow only the next steps:

Everything you do, you have to enjoy it, you don't have to loose time with stupid and boring things.

Do something crazy, if that it's your feeling!

Do not be selfish and not think only of you, even if you think that others do not notice, there's always someone who sees

Do simple stuff,you can win a great mood only from an ice cream or a melody!Life isn't always beautiful, but you can see the good part from each situation! Enjoy life in the simplest form!

Don't try to be different, be you each time!
Everyone has something beautiful and that something must be discovered!

And the most important thing - for girls - My dears, don't forget to be ladies in each moment of life! Try to be a pleasant appearance every time!

Smiling don't costs nothing and the effort it's not so big. You will see the effect immediately!

Have a lovely and sunny Saturday!

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