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sâmbătă, 6 noiembrie 2010

Secret garden and origami

For this Sunday I've decided to show you a pictorial that is called Secret garden, realized by photographer Tammy TingTing. I enjoy a lot her pictorial, because she has imagination and is very creative. Her pictures illustrate a world from fairytale, away from our quotidian.

TammyTingTing, a Malaysia based Creative Artist that carry multiple roles, a graphic designer, fashion stylist, art director and now a fashion photographer.

After earning a bachelor's degree in Advertising Design, she works as an assistant art director in a fashion boutique. Her passion for fashion photography is then grows with her involvement in fashion shoot for commercial advertisement.

As a self-taught photographer who picks up photography last year, she enjoys peering through the viewfinder, composing her own fantasy. With a designing background, she develops her own unique creative style in her images, evoking sense of emotional, with imaginary fantastic detailing, dash of fantasy and sprinkle of surrealism. She draws inspiration from her childhood, movies, and things happen around her and turn them into a story telling in her photographs. From inspiration to execution, her distinctive eyes for details help her in creating stunning images with intriguing colors and editing effects to bring out the very best of her subjects.

Enjoy her work!

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