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duminică, 3 octombrie 2010

Fifties doll

Today I've discover to most beautiful pictorial regarding the Fifties. The pictures were published in Harper's Bazaar en Espanol for october and they are amazing.

Benjamin Kanarek's latest pictorial for Harpers Bazaar en Espanol takes the title Elegant 50's, and portrays, with polished perfection, the mood of the era. Model Michelle Westgeest sports blonde waves and full skirted frocks in some settings of Brobdingnagian furniture that make her look truly like a manicured doll.

As an era 1950s produced some of the most elegant silver-screen stars the world has ever known - including, of course, the inimitable Grace Kelly.

Would you like to be a 50's doll? Of course, because their image is so perfect, so elegant, so graceful.

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