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duminică, 10 octombrie 2010

Bal masque: Vogue Paris October 2010

As you all know I love the venetian masks and I even used some masks at my wedding. We’ve prepared a surprise to the godparents for the photo shooting.After I will get the pictures I will tell you about this.

I was very happy to find out in Vogue Paris for October a pictorial named : Bal masque. So many secrets, the atmosphere is so mysterious and it seems that everyone is hiding something, but in the good way. Beside all of these the elegance of the images makes you speechless. You just look at them and you want to be there.

All the pictures are gorgeous, the makeups are at the same high standards. Why do people prefer to hide their faces under a mask ? You cant be what ever you want to be. A bit of mystery never hurt anyone!

Be mysterious and you seem more difficult to conquer! In this case the men will fight more for you and you will fell more special!

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