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miercuri, 21 iulie 2010

What makes our life beautiful?

Last night I had met my friend, Lavinia, and we’ve decided to take a walk and eat an ice cream at MacDonald’s. It’s my favorite.

In a shop window I saw a poster with the following question: What makes our life beautiful?

Having a beautiful life means being happy. Many of us associate these two words. When you are happy, life is easier and everything is more beautiful. The pictures that I've chosen for today inspires beauty. I hope that you like them.

I was thinking that my life is beautiful because I am surrounded by people who care about me, who help me when I need the most, with which I have fun. And the most important thing is that I’ve found the right person for me. From the beginning I’ve felt that everything has been changed. Not money makes your life beautiful, even if with them life is easier and you can get everything that you want, but knowing that you got close to you people that care about you.

What makes your life beautiful?

With patience and hope you get what you want!

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