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vineri, 30 iulie 2010

The clock is ticking!

In the last week I was like a little ticking bomb. I feel that the time is passing by very quickly and I haven’t got time to finish all I want to do. We’ve got only a month until wedding and as you know, even you are planning everything, now is the moment when you are becoming a little ‘bridezilla’.

We have to take so many decisions regarding so many things for the wedding: flower, wedding cake, decorations for the restaurant, dance rehearsal for the bridal couple and other. The whole world is going crazy around me….or it’s only in my imagination.

Until now, I haven’t got any emotions, but now I’m so worried because I want that everything to be perfect or almost perfect.

If until now the weekend was for me the moment when I was doing relaxing things, from now on we have to take care of wedding preparations.

I’m telling you, even is so much stress and you want to have something special, you have to find the real pleasure from this period. Sometimes I’m feeling very tired and I’m very nervous, but I’m thinking that it’s worth it. It’s a very special and beautiful period from our life!

So…I wish you all have a lovely weekend whatever you are and whatever you are doing!

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