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joi, 12 august 2010

Sweet dreams

Today was a very long day for me. I've had to do so many thing and the daily key word was "running" from a place to another. There are almost tree weeks until the wedding and we've got to do so many thing.But we are so lucky to have the support of our families, friends and especially the suport from our godparents, Atena and Liviu. They are some very special persons for us and I will try to tell you more about them into a future post.
It's almost twelve o'clock in the night and I'm so glad that finnaly I've reach to stay a little on the internet. Everything is going good regarding the wedding preparations, only that I feel that the time is flying and the moment it's almost here, but I must admit that I cant wait!
For today I haven't prepared something special,I've just wanted to say "Hello" and because we are at this our in the night I wish you all - Sweet dreams!

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