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luni, 19 aprilie 2010

Take a good look at Dina Bar-EL

A few weeks a go I've found out the site of Dina Bar-EL and I've discover that i like very much her style of making clothes.

Their dresses are sensational, sexy and elegant in the same time.

Dina founded her first design company in 1974. As a former model, Dina makes it her business to know her customer and understand the sexy curves of a woman’s body.

The decision to create dresses in the business was her daughter’s idea, Orna BAR-EL, whose inspiration and spirit brought forth beauty and elegance that still lives on today in every Dina Bar-El dress. Dina continues to design and create each beautiful design thoughtfully in memory of her loving daughter.

Dina Bar-El dresses continue to grace the red carpet on numerous celebrities. Her designs are sought after and much desired in Hollywood as well as boutiques and stores around the world with an International appeal.

She began designing t-shirts from her living room, forming an enterprise that quickly grew into the multi- million dollar savy dress making operation that exists today. She is a testament to the rags to riches opportunities that make dreams a reality.

She works in her designer showroom in downtown Los Angeles.

You can't find more information on her web page.

Please enjoy the show! I forgot to tell you that I've lied so much her presentation that I've used one of her pictures on my profile.


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