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luni, 26 aprilie 2010

The soul of a shoe - Giuseppe Zanotti

This week-end I wanted to see which are the new collections for summer 2010 regarding shoes. In my search I've find out the collection of Giuseppe Zanotti.

His web page is very interesting, not only the shoes , but also his presentation is very elegant and beautiful.

Enjoy the collection for 2010!

Giuseppe Zanotti comes from a small town a few miles from Fellini’s Rimini, famous for its great shoe manufacturing tradition.
In the beginning he started working with small craftsmen as a free-lance designer and shortly afterwards, thanks to his talent and energy, he started working for the leading fashion houses. Nevertheless, in the early 90’s he felt the need to create models and styles without any bounds, and that is when he bought the Vicini shoe factory. He moved his style office into this small factory, added a department for creating jewels, another for heels, and then he hired expert embroiderers. He focused everything on a formula of creativity and craftsmanship of the highest level.
After starting with only a handful of employees, it soon had more than 300 expert specialists producing elegant footwear. The first boutique opened in Milan in 2000. Additional boutiques then opened in the major fashion and luxury capitals of New York, Paris, London, Moscow and Dubai, and today there are about 50 points of sale scattered around the world. In the meantime, the love of living and working side-by-side with great fashion designers that he has been cultivating from the very beginning has never waned. Still today he works with brands such as Balmain, Proenza Schouler, Thakoon, Christopher Kane and Delfina Delettrez in a synergy of creativity and challenges that are giving surprising results.
His creations are true to his initial inspirations, where art and music are essential feelings to be turned into style for our feet… feet that Zanotti does not want to cover with models, but rather to adorn out of regard for a woman’s beauty and for the world revolving around her.
On his web page you may also find a clip with the creation of a shoe - The soul of a shoe.
Have a sunny day!

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