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marți, 21 decembrie 2010

Letter to Santa

Dear Santa ,

It's a little bit late to write you this letter, but better later then never.

I have thinking at what I need this year for Christmas. First off all thanks because you have make all my wishes come true for this year, for all the happiness that I have in this moment. I'm so glad that I have next to me the man that I love the most and this year we have win also two friends that had been there for us in every moment. Our godparents were the best thing that happened for us this year.

The most important thing is to have all your friends near and they could help when is necessary. I hope that all my friends will have a beautiful Christmas with their families. I wish them all the happiness, to be loved and to get from you all that they wish . Try to make also their wishes come true.

I don't need fancy clothes, expensive shoes or accessories, I want to be healthy, loved and happy like in this moment of my life. I wanna keep my enthusiasm forever and I hope to never change no matter what will happen. A smile from a friend or some nice thoughts are more important than material things.

This year the most beautiful gift from you will be to spend my first Christmas with my husband as a family.

Thank you a lot for this!

See you soon, Santa!...And try to not eat so many cookies!


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