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joi, 24 iunie 2010

What I need in this moments?

I was thinking this days at what I need…and the solution is that I need a long vacation. I would like to go far away from here, but there are three months until I will go on vacation.

I haven’t chosen yet a destination, but these days I feel that I want to go to an exotic island.

What I need in this moments?

I need to win at the lottery, even I never buy a lottery ticket;

I need to relax;

I need to go shopping with my friends;

I need a girl’s night out;

I need to stay at the sun, because these days the weather hasn’t been in the right mood;

I need to go on a vacation with my future husband. The destination should be Bora Bora.

Looking back at what I’ve wrote it seems that I should wake up and go to work.

Have a sunny day!

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  1. vacation..vacation..vacation...that sounds pretty good ;) shopping...hmmm...that is even better...girls day out....I want a very biiiggg icecream..:P;))