A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous. - Coco Chanel

miercuri, 30 iunie 2010

Do you need some sweeties?

Today it’s such a beautiful time outside. This morning I’ve decided to wear a summer dress with colorful flowers. I love this dress. To wear colorful clothes this season is the most indicated thing.

When I’ve chosen the title of the today’s article, my thought wasn’t about sweeties like cakes, chocolate or candies. I was thinking about the girls, who like to wear colorful clothes and accessories, silk dresses and other fine fabrics. The shoes and the bags must be in accordance with the outfit that you chose.

Do you like to be a Candy Girl? Who is Candy Girl? She’s a girl who likes to wear in the summer's brightly colored accessories. I love their style, those powerful colors that they use in their outfits.

Big bold and beautiful –enjoy the pictures.

I’ve chosen also a song in accordance with the subject off today.

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