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marți, 15 iunie 2010

Love is in the air

Starting last two weeks a lot off things happened and I have noticed a lot of love around me. All the people I’ve seen are in love. Almost all of my friends are getting married, including me! Love is all around…even in the air!

What is love at the end? Could anybody give a definition to love? I think that love is the feeling that makes you to do a lot off things. Sometimes you take decisions that change your whole life, this thing I’ve seen at two of my friends. I appreciate the persons that have the courage to do that.

There are so many ways in which you can show your love. You can love and be loved like a: mother, wife, sister and friend. And I’m very lucky to be one off the person that loves and is loved! It’s so good to know that you have a shoulder were you can cry on, a hand that could help you go on, a person that listen to you.

Love makes you see the world with other eyes, all around you is more beautiful. Each person has her own style to show the feelings. It’s so nice to love and to be loved!

Have a sunny day!

2 comentarii:

  1. love is in the air...makes everything feel alright :) is even at the third floor of BC2 :P:)))

  2. :))) asta cu BC2 e tare:D Thank God for love, ca altfel ce ne-am face??!:))