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marți, 28 septembrie 2010

I'm blonde and I am proud of this!

How many times have you heard the question: Are you blonde?

So many times…but each time i hear this question I am thinking that all the jokes in the world with blondes doesn't disturb me and Yes, I’m blonde and I am proud of this !

I don't have to translate you the real essence of the question, because you already know. A big part of the people associate blonds women with a beautiful face, a nice body and a small brain. But we are not just pretty faces, we are also smart people, and not just dolls with a few neurons.

Did you know that most men prefer blondes, but recognize at the same time, it would be willing to marry brunettes women, according to a UK survey. In this case which is better to be a blonde or a brunette ?

I think that doesn't matter as long you are feeling good in your skin ; the hair color has no such big importance and the most important is how you think. I do not agree with the tagging depending on the hair color.

So, Ladies, feel good as you are, be proud that you are women ! Each one of you is beautiful in his way and I still support the idea that every woman has something beautiful and everyone is unique in his way !

Do you remember the motto of L’Oreal ? Because you deserve it ?

Have a sunny day !

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