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miercuri, 5 mai 2010

Think style, think elegance, think glamour. Think Louis Mariette!


Today I've decided to show you some special hats. And when I say special...better I let you see and decide if they are special or not.

At the begining I want to present you some informations about Louis Mariette.

Louis Mariette was born in Malawi, with Mauritian origins, grew up in Botswana and Swaziland where nature was his playground and would spend many an hour exploring endless species of flora and fauna with a passion for colour and sparkle. He would collect semi precious stones, seedpods, cactus flowers, and beads and trimmings from local tribes. He was mesmerised by bird feathers, such as an explosion of iridescent colours from a lilac breasted roller as it darted after prey. Louis also recognised the incredible palette of colours and textures to be found in beetles, butterflies and dragonflies – a dazzling assault on his senses. Such depths of curiosity and inspiration are brought to life through his designs today.

Louis’ talent, charisma and joie de vivre have captured the imagination of designers, photographers, stylists and creative directors. His creations are worn by an eclectic clientele and glamorous celebrities such as Jerry Hall, Alek Wek, Jodie Kidd, Sophie Dahl, Lisa Butcher and Isabell Kristensen.

Louis Mariette is also much in demand by leading companies such as the Platinum Guild, Harrods, Swarovski, Boucheron, Links, Air Partner Learjets, Jaguar, The Dorchester and Cliveden House. He has been awarded by the Tanzanite Foundation for his accessories.

Admire and desire!

Have a sunny day!

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